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I put together a new version of Tellico, version 2.3, and threw it out for release this past weekend. It is dedicated to my lovely wife, Kim, and we could code-name it, Hot Vegas!

The previous release was back in February, so this one has quite a few bug fixes and some new features. Freebase was added as a data source, which is rather useful. Freebase has tons of info available, and is constantly being updated. It even has some limited comic book information, too.

I messed up some of the links on the download page, so embarrassingly enough, for a few days after the release, the links were broken. Those should all be fixed now!

I also jumped off the deep end and downloaded Choqok and registered on which is something like the open source version of Twitter. Much less popular, so by definition, much cooler! Software nerds use it a good bit, I've heard. Anyways, I took the handle stephero. (Strike that, since changed to AstroRobby for uniformity with Twitter.)

One of the primary features I'd like to work on for the next version of Tellico is better statistics. I'm looking forward to working with the KDE plot widgets.


Hi, just wanted to say thanks for such a great piece of software. I'm using tellico to organise my bibliography for an article I'm writing in Lyx.

I especially like the ease of searching Google Scholar and importing citations right from inside the program.

You rock! :-D

Hi, thanx for very best.
How can I add a field with filename, like Gcstar?

For example if I have a collection of retrogame, and I would execute the file, or in PDF collection start my viewer program.

Thanks a lot for your great job !!!
I use it for my french linux game's list in two versions :
- one in Tellico's format (.tc),
- another with an HTML extract of the Tellico's base.
i have modified the Berean style for a better look on my site.

I would like to have a version with url type of field more compact because their actual integration isn't very good with thumbnails of games.
So i use a 'paragraph' type of field where i copy my links (see my Tellico's file).
Thanks !

sorry, but I have problem with adding italian data source for movies. ( I saw in your data source tutorial that you have in your data sources Film How can I add it?
Thank you

Hi Simona,

The source for I got from here:

But I don't know if it still works.

I'm a comic book collector and I have tried to get Dark Horse comics data source to show up in the search box but have failed. I have upgraded to the latest version today and still no luck. I have added it to data sources several times and it wont show up in search box. Any help will be appreciated.

Can you give me a specific search that is failing? The couple that I use for testing still work.

First, I want to congratulate you for this great soft !

I use to use it to organize many of my collection, first books (including my bibliography historical research) and my DVD collections and now I would like to manage a catalog of spices ...

I worked hard on the structure of my database, but changing the version of Ubuntu, I thought successfully recover information through data export I made in xml ...
But maybe I am too newbie to understand, I can not import the file tellico.xml
It represents many hours of work and I hope you can help me!
I made hours of search on google, but I still don't understand how to do...

Thank you for helping me

You shouldn't ever have to export/import when you upgrade to a new version of Tellico. Everything is forwards compatible.

That said, you should be able to just open the tellico.xml file. You don't have to import anything.

If that doesn't work, you'll have to be specific about what error you see and let me know.

Not sure how to unzip the BZ2 file. What do you suggest?


Hi Robby,

I just started using Tellico, and I really like it. One suggestion - it would be great if the grid would stay on the current record when you click on a column heading to choose a different sort order. That way, you are still looking at the same record, and all the other records "magically" rearrange themselves around it.


I recently started using Tellico and I really like it. But I have a collection of more than 2,000 books. Plus, I take notes as I read and I write book reviews. Now I've taken to putting my notes and my reviews in the Tellico "Comments" field.

Now I'm starting to worry.

It's probably going to take me a couple of years to type all my stuff into Tellico. So what I'm wondering is: Are you aware of any UPPER LIMIT to either the number of books I can stuff into this gizmo or the total size of the data files it can handle?

I'd sure hate to do all that work and then have the program toss my cookies. . . .

So: Do ya know?

Thanks for your advice.


If you store any images in the data file, rather than having them saved in a directory (check your preferences), then Tellico can get slow once you get beyond a few thousand images. With just text, you can easily go into tens of thousands with no problems.

Hi,I am very happy with Tellico, it's a great program for me! 660 dvd and 1350 books wait to came in to this fantastic creation. I thank you and hope your day will bee good!

Best regards
from G-falk in Sweden

Hi, I have been using Tellico since 2006/7 and I am very happy with it.
Now I have a question (already asked but never solved): how can I integrate Kaddressbook, or similar, with Tellico?

With older versions, Tellico could be compiled with support for pulling information from KAddressBook and entering loans in KOrganizer. The changes over the last couple of years made the functionality out-of-date, so right now, that interface is no longer in Tellico, sorry...

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